Just passed the N10-006 1st time, here's what I think!

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I just passed the Network+ N10-006 exam today!!! A+ was about to expire and thought I would go to the next level and studied for Net+ which automatically renews A+, now I have both! This is just MY experience and what I studied and perceive from the test:

Read Mike Meyers Net+ N10-006. Lots of information all which you can not possibly retain. I dedicated 1-2 hrs ery day, goal was a chapter ery 2-3 days. Try to remember concepts. I bought his question pack ($75.00, 950 questions). Having taken the test, his questions were very simplistic and did not reflect the exam.

Read Exam CRAM Net+ N10-006. Less condensed than Mike Meyers but does go throuh the Comptia obectives and backs up many of the concepts in Meyers.

Professor Messer. I went through the whole Network+ videos. But my opinion, just wasn't effective or detailed enough to support many of the concepts. I thought he was more effective with A+ than with Net+. Personally, I would skip Professor Messor and get a third book. You can NOT have too many books on networks.

Made tons of my own flash cards on:
  • Network Devices (Switches, Hub, Routers, Wireless AP, Firewalls)
  • WAN Protocols and Security, DNS, DHCP, VPN, VLan, Wireless Lan
  • Routing Protocols (Interior, Exterior, Link State, Distance Vector Protocols),
  • Wireless 802.11 (a,b,g,n,ac Protcols)
  • Know your ports, Ethernet Cables (from 10Base 2 to 10GB ER\EW and SR\SW)
  • Know Troubleshooting Methodology
Surprissingly there weren't any questions on Subnetting, IPv6 (prolly there is less emphasis with IPv6 on the horizon). But there were a lot on troubleshooting. And the scenerios on the exam was NOT what I read in any of the books I studied. My suggestion, understand subnetting. Know how to take an IP and subnet it to 14 subnets or to 120 hosts. Know how to convert an octet to it's binary form and vice versa. Understand the concepts but don't fret over it. Just going the the CompTia objectives is just not going to get it. Think of today's business networks with a lot of wireless, vlans, virtuazation, all with security in mind. You never know what's going to be on the exam. I beleive the questions are randomly chosen from a pool of a thousand questions.

And pray, and give God the Glory.


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    Thanks for posting your study plan and experience with the test.
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    All the best,

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    Thanks for the cuddos! Having passed that hurdle, it's on to the next. Im looking at the exam objectives for Security+ and I see almost 25%-35% of the Network+ objectives for Security+. All of 1.1 - 1.5 objectives, from NIDS, to Ports to WPA2 was on the Net+. So I am thinking that I might as well go for it! It seeems like of all of what I call The Triad, A+, Network+, Security+, it seems that Net+ and Security+ are the closest related, you do 1 you might as well do the other. If I hunker down, I beleive I can do it in 30-40 days reading 2-3 books and doing practise exams. What you guys think?
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    congrats on the pass

    I have been seeing a lot of posts from other users saying the same thing about the N+ and S+ overlap. considering you are likely 25-30% towards an S+ certification it would make sense to capitalize on that whilst the knowledge is fresh in your memory.

    I was planning on just passing the N+ to renew my A+ and go back to pursuing microsoft certifications to get my first MCSA but after reading all these posts about S+ being intertwined with N+ i may follow in your footsteps and just bash out the S+ as well and add 2 certs to the resume in the space of a few months.

    best of luck in your S+ studies my friend :)
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    Amen to that Congrats !
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    Congrats! Thanks for the tips.
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    Just fyi Cybrary has an option to create flash cards but they are always in the order you make em. There also an option to use other people but if the informaton wrong or out of date..
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    Excellent! Congrats! :)
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    Congratulations and thanks for the tips!
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    Congrats, I agree with you on Professor messer. His **** sheet is really helpful though.
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    Congrats God is good :)
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