What you guys read? - Magazines vs. Books

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Just for the sake of keeping your mind and brain sharp, I am thinking between two options.

1. Magazines - Some of my mentors have suggested two magazines (the Economist and the New Yorker). I live in Canada, so it would cost be around 250 (CAD). The Economist for economic analysis and the New Yorker for current affairs and cultural stuff.

2. Books - Just reading good business books (I am interested in analysis of current affairs and economics etc). However, I noticed that books are quite expensive...$25-30. Even if I read only 1 book a month (my goal) the total cost for the year would be between 300~600, which is more costly than costs of subscribing two magazines.

What do you guys read to be informed and knowledgeable? Are all those business books worth the money?

Thanks in advance.


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    I read things that pique my interest. I also on occasion play games that keep my mind working like Sudoku. Right now I'm reading The Three Musketeers and 25 Buddhist Writings from 2008. I bought both books at a used bookstore for a total of $17 USD. I'd suggest finding a used bookstore in your area and see what they offer.
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    On the train ride to/from work I rotate between Sudoku, practicing Dutch, and CEH material. Even knocked out The Alchemist within a few days during my ride. I read the news on my phone to keep up with current events.

    Have you considered checking out your local library?
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