BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY EXAMS-Certificate and Diploma levels

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I am new here and already finding this forum so resourceful icon_wink.gif
I don't know if you heard about the British Computer Society?I understand many of you opt for US certifications here.( CCNA,MCSE..etc).

I am going to sit for BCS exams end of September this year and was wondering if i could partner with people who have same exam objectives.

I will be sitting for :
(c)Computer & Network Technology-CERT
(a)Core Module: Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice-DIPL
(c)Computer Networks-DIPL

I need maximum exam questions practice,We already have some exam papers by year on the BCS website itself,
but I would like to skype,mail people for group discussions in order to gain max exam practice.

Some additional information:

Certificate in IT Syllabus-
3CORE MODULES Certificate in IT Syllabus
(a) Information Systems
(b)Software Development
(c)Computer & Network Technology

Diploma in IT
1 CORE MODULE+ 3 Optionals
(a)Core Module: Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice
(b) IT Project Management
(c)Computer Networks
(d)Software Engineering

Your feedback is most welcome.

Thanks in advance
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