Can you use an Enterprise AP with the Router the ISP gave you ?

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A buddy of mine recently gave me two Cisco Enterprise Wireless AP's and a 3560 POE switch. He wants me to start learning how to use and operate Cisco Wireless devices. I must admit I can troubleshoot some soho network issues but I have never used any Enterprise Wireless equipment before. My buddy is on Vacation with his family so asking questions is not in the cards at the moment and I had some free time totry to figure this out.

I googled the Cisco Aironet 1131AG and I found a link to a quick start guide and I am reading thru it now but I have a question that I have not found reading thru the document yet nor has google been very helpful. Can a ISP given router work with a Cisco Enterprise AP ?

I have been thinking of upgrading my wireless router since my buddy wants me to dive into wireless I thought I might give this one
a shot ? A Cisco WRP500 Wireless-AC Broadband Router

Amy feedback would be great.
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    It should be able to work as long as the AP is autonomous. You just configure a different DHCP scope channel and they should not interfere with each other. Channel is not required, but it gives you better signal. However if it is Lightweight AP then you would need a controller which can be a bit expensive for the end user. Generally in the enterprise people use LAPs with controllers as nobody wants to manage 500 APs individually.
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