I have a question, can someone answer please?

I'm about to do a retake of a CompTIA exam, was just curious as to how often they change the questions? As in will the retake be the same exam I took two weeks ago or will the questions be different? Just curious so I know if I should focus on what I missed or just focus on the general information. Thanks.


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    they generally have a pool of questions, this is done to avoid people repeatedly taking the same test over and over and merely memorising the answers to the 50-100 questions on the exam instead of actually learning the material the exam covers.

    the pool of questions varies per exam, and there are many questions that test the same skills but are written differently, you may find questions that sound familiar but are just written slightly differently

    I hope this helps.
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    Okay cool, I was hoping they wouldn't be the same questions as that would be boring and I feel not effective considering there are people that use brain ****. I will never understand that, what is the point in using those? The paper means nothing without the knowledge to back up it up. Well thanks for the reply. I hope I can pass this time. I've almost finished a new book and have continued watching videos on Lynda.com and career academy.
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    if anyone could advise me as to which MS cert to take I would be grateful. I don't know if I should do the 70-680, 70-697 or 70-698?
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    What are you going for? I suggest going to the Microsoft site and look around.
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    I've definitely looked around on there, I just need to get 1 Microsoft OS cert. Doesn't matter which one. We use windows 7 but I feel I should get the windows 10 cert as it is the newest and will be the future of windows.
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    Also think about the MTA, if you are looking for 'just a MS cert'.
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    Take a look at those MTA's like SoT mentioned. Might see one that catches your eye.
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