Ccna r&s passed today!

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Well, with the help of many sources found here and a few others, it went well. I scored in the 900's. I am not sure if I am allowed to place the specific score here; however, I did score quite low on the IP Services portion which I felt I knew the 2nd MOST from all the other areas.

One thing though is that I can't see how each question is either "right" or "wrong". The way the scoring is, it seems that a multiple choice question, or a simlet, testlet, etc, is scored upon partial credit.
I have little in understanding how out of a 1000 I received what I received yet I didn't score 100% on any topic and scored 84 or lower on two topics.

I tried to figure out the weight of each question but no matter how I did it, the scores still didn't add up. Nevertheless on to what i used to study.

From April 8th to June 20 (took ICND1 on June 22)
and From July 1st to August 16 (took ICND2 today)

I used both of Odom's books, CCNA in 60 Days, CBTNuggets, Chris Bryant's videos, and a THICK written study guide I received from a link from someone here (cannot remember your screen handle but I owe you a ton!!!). This along with the online ciscopress material.
Of course virtual simulators and test engines

The way I prepared was:

Read 2 chapters in Odoms
Watch CBT and Chris's Videos on those 2 chapters
Read CCNA in 60' on those two topics.
Look over the ONLINE ciscopress material if needed about those two chapters
Labbed anything I didn't really understand
Rinse, Repeat

I did the same thing for 90% of the chapters. The portions on IOS management, Licensing, IPv6, and OSPF I only briefed over and watched the video material once. I have played with OSPF on my rigs long before I started studying and knew that material like the back of my hand.

Once I got to the last two weeks (both in june and this month), I purchased the official exam simulator and the network simulator..

I would go through the Cisco simulators (from Odom's books), 1-2 topics at a time, then try and recreate them in GNS3 and/or packet tracer.

I also purchased BOSON for ICND1 but didn't see the need for it on ICND2.


Read 2 chapters at a time in Odoms
Watch CBT and Chris's Videos on those 2 chapters
Read CCNA in 60' on those two chapters
Look over the ONLINE ciscopress material if needed
Labbed anything I didn't really understand
Rinse, Repeat
Two weeks before test, purchase exam engines and simulators and play with scenarios until I was comfortable

I studied 2 hours per day during my job days and 6 hours per day on my two off days per week with the exception of a few days here or there.

Well, I am on to windows server 2012/14. I am not going to study for the ccnp right now because my level of working experience isn't much at all besides personal consulting i have done. So pushing myself 1.5 yrs to do my ccnp would be wasting my time right now when most of the jobs in my area require only a CCNA, MCSA/E server and security+. I would rather land a gig first and then allow the company to pay for some of the study material.

If anyone needs the study guide I used, let me know and I will email it to you!
P.S. I did purchase 3 routers and 3 switches but I only used them on ICND1.


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    Awesome job! I am interested in the study guide. Sending a PM.
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    Thank you for the great information and congrats on your pass last year. I'm working on studying for my CCNA at the moment and would love a copy of that study guide. I have the same book resources as well as Chris Bryant's video series however it's always nice to find a solid cram sheet / study guide to wrap up your studying before the test. Anyone know of any other condensed study guides or cram sheets for those who have read the material but like to cram before a test?
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    Really nice strategy! All the best!
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    congrats and answer to paulb81 exam cram by Anthony Sequeira from cbt nuggats. Anthony wrote exam cram for icnd1 icnd2 or the combined exam
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    Well done mate, good job!

    I am interested on the study guide!
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    Congrats on the pass, good idea to lab things you didn't quite understand
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    congrats on the R&S!
    I hope to be getting mine next. Finished my CCENT about 2 weeks ago. Going through Chris' videos now, Stormwinds, and the 200-105 book.
    I have my test planned for the middle of December before the Holiday break.

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    Congrats! Testing within next month. Any chance I can get a copy of guide?
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    Could someone supply me with the study guide as well please. I have my ccna test about 3 weeks away! :)
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