Powershell coming to other OSes

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Looks like Powershell will be running on other operating systems.


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    Should be good for their cloud initiatives -- you'll be able to use their products in Azure, regardless of what OS you're comfortable with. SQL Server is coming to *nix and so is PoSH.
    I don't know much about Windows in general, but I'm curious of the use cases of this. I can't imagine PoSH bening that great of a shell to use to actually administer the *nix OS it lives on. And I don't know how useful it would be to administer Azure of remote Windows computers. I know Azure can be administered by PoSH, but I'd assume that they have APIs and SDKs for other popular languages, such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc, which I'd hope has just about as much functionality as using PoSH.
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    Yeah, I expect PoSH on *nix and Bash on Windows 10 is less about administering the underlying operating system, and more about portability in the tools/scripts used to manage infrastructure.
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    The more interesting questions might be these:

    1. How long until MS releases additional management libraries and AD integration for *nix systems?
    2. With the purchase of Canonical, what are the odds that MS releases its own heavily AD dependent, POSH managed flavor of Linux?
    3. Since MS is open sourcing WMI (called OMI), what will that add in terms of administering *nix servers and clients (i.e. OSX)?
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    Glad to hear my bread and butter could be moving to Linux/Unix (MS SQL Server).
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