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Class-map inspect , Class-map type, Class-map match-any, Class-map-match-all I get. What is fuzzy is Class-map “name” and is the default action match-all?


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    The "class-default" class defines what QOS parameters will be applied to traffic that has not been matched by other classes within a policy-map.

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    Hopeful this clears up what I mean. If I go Class-map and name it Techexams and use the match command does it match-all or match-any or something else.

    Router(config)#class-map Techexams


    QoS class-map configuration commands:
    description Class-Map description
    exit Exit from QoS class-map configuration mode
    match classification criteria
    no Negate or set default values of acommand
    rename Rename this class-map

    I know I should do a lab and figure it out, maybe next weekend.

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    When you create a class-map, by default, it will be set to match-all. You can change the behavior by adding the match-any keyword before the name.

    class-map match-any Techexams

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    Thanks DPG, That what I thought but could not find the documentation.
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    match-any: the class-map action you want to take effect via the policy-map (ie. police, shape, drop etc.) will "kick in" if at least ONE of the criteria you're trying to match with your class-map is present. Let's say you're trying to match traffic from to with an access list but then you're trying to also match FTP traffic with NBAR. You have 2 criteria here; if any of them match, action will be taken as per your policy-map. Think of it as a LOGICAL "OR".

    match-all: the action you want to take with the policy-map will only happen if all these criteria match. So, with the above in mind, you'd need to have FTP traffic from flowing to for the policy-map action to kick in. Think of it as a LOGICAL "AND".

    Whatever traffic you haven't specifically posted in your admin-defined class-maps will get included in the "default" one (which you can also define a policy-map treatment for).

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Negru_tudor. I had the other part fine just had a question about Router(config)#class-map Techexams config which was clear up now I'm good.
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