Cisco Nexus 5k/7k/9k

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Hi all,

Im currently looking for work and one of the topics that consistently comes up during interview is my experience with Nexus switches. Ive worked in a variety of environments managing Cisco Nexus switches of the 5k, 7k and 9k variety.

I never really paid much attention to the model of device I was on so I find that while I might now the answer to a lot of the questions I get on interviews about these models, I have a difficult time communicating which command set applies to which device.

Anyone have a simple explanation of the differences between the various models? For the sake of thoroughness lets include other Nexus devices (2K, 6K, etc) in the comparison.

Obviously throughput and feature sets are the biggest changes so I dont necessarily need a feature-for-feature comparison but I also know the development teams were almost totally different between some of these models and thus their configuration methodology differs... That's what I am after; what are those differences and gotcha's between the models because while I know both devices, I often interchange the issues between them.


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    I'm not a networking guy but working on my NSX and I'm the resident DCA but they 2 CCIE's and 3 CCNP's at my work we use the 7k and 9k for the spine and leaf in the datacenter and collapsed cores on the 5k's in the wings of floors with 3850's as glorified L2's since we have over 6000 AP's.

    I do know for Simplivity the 7k/9k are welcome additions along with the F5's and Netscalers. icon_rolleyes.gif

    But I'm purely VMware, maybe a networking person can more cleary point out the benefits. :)
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    Here is a pretty good run-down of the product line:

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