What is the best self study book you recommend for studying CCNP ?

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I have just finished CCNA , and I a bit confused regarding what is the best source to pick for learning and get prepared well for the three exams ? If you have already taken the test , Please advice and list me all the required material and studying tool you have used. Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice .

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    i don't think there is any one book (or set of books) that is best, the same goes with CBT. The Official Cert Guide gives you the concise information, the Foundation Guide gives a slightly longer explanation. These are the 2 main sources, but then you can supplement this with the Simplified series (for the previous exam, but alot is still relevant, and the Kindle version is a bargain) and How To Master series if things are not made clear. It really comes down to what materials work for you.
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    I can recommend Foundation Learning Guide (FLG) since I've used it for my route studies (I also have the switch and tshoot version of it). You can also use the How To Master Series.
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    I used four primary sources: OCG, FLG, Simplified Series, and How to Master. I would recommend to use them all in your studies but if you can only pick one then pick the FLG. How to Master is a great review tool but should not be used as the only source. Simplified is good but a little bit old--lots of outdated stuff in there that you can skip. Definitely get the Simplified 101 Labs for CCNP book, it's a great workbook. FLG vs OCG: thought the FLG did a better job of presenting the material.
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    Looking at the reviews the book of Chris Bryant looks good, I am about to buy it.
    Here is the full name: Chris Bryant's CCNP ROUTE 300-101 Study Guide. This is for the route exam but he has one for the switch exam aswell.
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    Thank you guys for giving me suggestions about how to study it. Appreciate it. Good luck to all
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    Firstly read the book to get overview of the concepts.
    Next best way is to do the questions and lab. Google the MCQ answers if you don't understand why they are the answer.
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    Foundation Learning Guides and Cisco Lab Manuals, together with Chris Bryant videos. And just lab and relab the bits you find hard.

    Some of it is almost pure memorisation, though. Like OSPF LSA types, and MAC addresses for various switch protocols, and all the multicast addresses. Put that up on a sheet of paper and put it next to (above?) your bed, next to the bathroom mirror, near the toilet, on the fridge door, next to your computer so that you are accidentally seeing it 47 times a day.
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