TOGAF 9.1 or/Vs CISSP or/Vs CISM

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I have done ISO 27001 LI/LA , COBIT 5 Also ISO 22301 LI/LA , I am confused with the value of TOGAF 9.1 vs CISSP ,
which would will make more value , does TOGAF has same value as CISSP/CISM has ? are both certifications are same level certifications ?
I left technical/operations 3 years back and went totally into implementations of multiple frameworks such as NIST,HIPPA and PCI.
so i am confused over which one will add more value .
i want to become information/enterprise architect .
as of now apart from ISO Certifications i dont have any high level certifications ,
Kindly suggest me which one i should go for .


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    CISSP is more of a "capstone" security cert so it would be a natural step for someone already established+active in the field. CISM is more of a management-track credential, I don't see it adding value unless you are ready to move to management. I had to Google TOGAF because I'd never heard of it before - seems to be leaning more towards architecture, if you want to take things in that direction. Also, I'm not sure how many companies are looking for a TOGAF person vs. a CISSP, which is an industry standard in the security field.
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    You want to pursue the TOGAF certification series according to you own stated goals. The CISSP is aimed at though rarely fulfilled, security practitioner with 5 years of documentable experience in the field of, well, security. Similar vein the CISM requires you to be an active security manage, having your supervisor sign off, though this is rarely the case as well.

    TOGAF is an infrastructure design exam through and through. Its a big deal with large manufactures and publicly traded companies. Its a bit overlooked by much of IT because of having so many vendor specific certs available: CCNA, CCIE, Junos, etc. Look up 'Phillz' on this board he would be your best current resource on TOGAF. I let mine drop about 8 years ago. So mine is in the retired area of my resume and now beyond the margins.

    - b/eads
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    EAprincipalsEAprincipals Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Have you guys heard of EAPRINCIPALS ? they are the original teachers, certified by The open group. They even guarantee you will pass the exam, and if you fail the first time they will provide you with a second exam voucher for free. And they actually teach you a lot more information than other places. You should really check them out and give them a call.
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