Failed 70-697 Twice

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This is unbelievable, I've failed twice both with a score of 677. I've studied for roughly 1.5 months before my first try, and 2 months for my second. I'm not sure what to do at this point as it seems like I'm getting hit with extremely granular questions and even so I still feel like I would've hit 700 by now but I guess not. This feels a lot like 688 as that took my three tries due to having to hunt down the information.

Can anyone provide me with any tips? After my second failure I jotted down question topics I wasn't sure about so Ill be going off of that. Thank you.


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    Wow sorry to hear that, I plan on taking that exam in the next 6 months or so! That makes me worried, I'm assuming it's a difficult exam then. Could you tell me a little about it? Question types, tips for studying for it, etc.?
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    Read exam ref 70-697 and that'll give you a good idea of what'll be on the exam but also be ready for those very granular questions. I think the big part that you should focus on is the cloud stuff (Office 365, Intune, Azure) as I get a lot of questions related to it. I haven't labbed anything cloud-wise so I think that's why I'm struggling. I think youll be perfectly fine with 6 months and probably even less, it's just that Im on a very strict schedule so I've been rushing the material a tad.

    Other than that I dont have much else to tell you. It is indeed a tough exam but not impossible as many here have passed on their first try. Not sure what my problem is but Im sure youll do fine. Make sure you buy the 5 retakes and also the practice exam from measure up (its only an extra 25 once you buy the retakes) if you can afford it.
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    Okay cool thanks. I have only barely started studying for it. Working on my net+ first then Sec+ then I'm going to take this exam. So 6 months for all of them. I already set up my lab at home though. Windows server 2012 R2, 2 windows 10 enterprise clients and 2 windows 10 pro clients. Hopefully that will do fine. I am good with windows 10 already as I have been using it on my home network since it was released, we still use windows 7 at my work though unfortunately lol
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    What resources are you using?
    Did you buy the Measure up exam? If so, how did you find it?
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    Try not to spend too long a time studying. You end up forgetting stuff that you learnt at the beginning. After failing it, two months sounds a long time but then again it depends on how much of the core knowledge you have. 677 is not far off. It's only a couple of questions. This exam is pretty unique for me as most of it isn't about Windows 10 at all but cloud stuff.
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    I am in the same boat with you mate. Problem is that this is not a classic OS exam but mixture of many different things. Just got James Conrad's videos and I can tell you that they are pretty good ... schedule my third (lucky :D) try for two weeks from now. Best of luck!
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    The 70-698 is no longer a beta, that is the actual OS exam, not like this one. I was planning on taking this exam but now that it is no longer beta I am doing the 70-698!
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