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I firmly believe that using multiple sources to prepare for an exam is the way to go. I'm beginning to prepare for my CCNA Security and have the OCG, CBT Nuggets, and INE. In the past I've tried to follow the outline in the book and watch the relevant videos for each topic in the book. That can conuse things in the video series (especially with CBT Nuggets annoying setup requiring hopping around between a few different series). The alternative would be to use each source sequentially (i.e. read the book, then watch CBT, then watch INE). I'm curious how others use multiple sources to study.


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    Personally, I agree that multiple sources are the way to go.

    In my experience, the only down side is that sometimes you end up covering the same basic things over and over again. So, as you pointed out, I've had the most success when following some type of outline, so that I don't end up wasting time. Whether that outline is a book, or your own generated outline, I think that's the most important part.
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    Using multiple sources has worked great for me. Sure, you might get some of the same material 2-3 times, but you're also getting multiple points of view. Some authors cover subjects in greater detail. When approaching certification exams, it's always good to know more than you think you need, just to be safe. But also, the object is to learn the subject and not just pass the test.

    Ultimately, before starting work on a certification, you should download the exam objectives from the administrator of that cert (ISC2, CompTIA, etc.) and build your outline from there. They post those objectives for a reason.
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