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So I am hired in a small business as an IT Support. I am handling general IT concerns and network issues of the company. To give you an idea, I have researched the certifications that best fit my role and these are:

Microsoft Windows Server Administration

My previous work experiences are not really similar to my current job. For me its more of a "changing track" rather than shifting careers. I am happy with my job as I get to be more engaged since I am the only IT guy in the company. Now I am considering getting a few certifications to help me down the road as I may get more demanding responsibilities. Here is my plan:

Study A+ topics via Messer's videos but will not get certified
Study Network+ via Messer's videos and possibly a few more resources but will decide on getting certified
Study Microsoft Windows Server Administration 2008/2012 and get certified

Bottomline of this post is I am definitely considering getting certified to some extent but what holds me back is the cost of the exams 'cause comptia's are too expensive for me. I got my job without any certifications but will get them just to add value to myself and contribute to my company.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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    Sounds like you have a decent plan to me. I don't think Net+ is very useful past your first job as a cert, but I know others might say otherwise. Also, I recommend looking into Powershell. Once your good with it can make your job ALOT easier. Not enough people to seem use it as much as they should from my experience.
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