Pearson Vue Exam Status - "Delivery Successful"?

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I took an exam today (Symantec 250-513 to be exact), and scored a 72%. The score required to pass was 72%. The results said I've passed but it was provisional. I suspect the "Delivery Successful" means the exam was submitted or something but I'm unsure if there is a problem because I'm right at the cutoff mark. Does anyone know what it's about for sure? Does Symantec take a few business days to process a submitted score?

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    This is straight from Symantec Testing Policies Document which can be found here: https://www.symantec.com/services/education-services/certification/testing-policies-exam-security
    Certification examination scores are “provisional” to all candidates who meet the exam cut score until the results have been validated. Candidate exam results identified with exam security violations or which otherwise violate Symantec’s testing policies will receive “invalidated” examination results. Validation of Certification examination results and posting to CertTracker normally takes 2-3 business days. As soon as your certification exam score posts to CertTracker, you will receive an automated message via email; if you are new to CertTracker you will receive an account activation notice as well.
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