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One of the things I work on is security analytics, specifically with big data tools. Awhile back OpenSOC was all the rage (ala Cisco), but it was dropped as a project. It was picked up by a number of companies and ultimately has been deployed as an Apache project - thus Apache Metron. Those of you who are working in hunt teaming I highly suggest you take a look at it. I'm lucky in that I utilize Hortonworks for Hadoop and it was built to be deployed on top of the Hortonworks Cluster. There are a couple of YouTube videos that I suggest everyone take a look at.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I had a google alert set up to let me know of news concerning OpenSOC, but never got this news. Since I hadn't heard anything over the past year, I was wondering what had happened to the project, now I'm pretty stoked. Hopefully HortonWorks will create install scripts for Azure too...

    Edit: as a heads up to current students interested in deploying Apache Metron to AWS - be sure to sign up for the AWS Educate program. Apparently you get free AWS credits. Not sure if it'll be enough... but hey, free is free.
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