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(edited my story book with a quick question that gets to the point)

Does anyone else feel like their in a hurry to get to the 6-figure salary mark and ultimately missing out on the adventure of The Journey? Someone actually told me this at my previous job, they said "sometimes it's about the journey" and that has stuck in my head. I'm not sure I understand.

It was said to me though when I expressed my concern with being overlooked for multiple promotions. With all due respect to the ones that have come before me. I am really eager to do bigger things and feel as though I can if given the chance. What is an effective mentality to have when trying to climb the ranks?

(Also, if this isn't an exciting and constructive topic please feel free to remove thread.)

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    I can only speak for myself. The IT journey is both fun and frighting all at the same time. There is alot to learn. You and you alone can only decide what skill paths you want to take and excel at. I remember when I first got into Telecommunications back in 2000. I loved it! I wanted to learn everything about it. But I was young and got married when I should have waited. Made some bad decisions and got out of IT for awhile. I'm 42 now and I have a new wife and the support to make my educational goals a reality. You have more certs then I do. You seem to be on the right path. Keep learning. Don't listen to nay sayers and keep the ball moving forward. A friend of mine once told me it's not about being the smartest guy in the room but being the guy who knows what do when to do it and who can work well within a group and who is not afraid to speak up or admit his mistakes.

    my two cents
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    Life in general is a journey. We often times forget this is a beautiful adventure and I myself have gotten caught up in chasing six figure salaries as well. I also took a hiatus after 9/11 and enlisted in the army infantry. Few deployments later I'm back to civilian life and doing IT again. And I'm not making the six figures yet but I enjoy working for a company where the people are loyal and appreciate you...as I am the ENTIRE IT department by myself...lol trust me it's stressful if I let it become stressful by my own choosing.

    But I stop and always make time to enjoy being alive and the journey.

    I turned 30 this year and I often find myself reflecting on my whole life. How I got to where I am standing now...the good...the bad...and the sad. And I'm happy. I also always keep a good focus on progressing. And yes one day six figures.

    But I've learned to work hard and to always no matter what I feel that day and moment in time...Do my absolute best.

    don't try to force or rush things. It will all come in due time. Trust the process. Keep calm. And make progress. One day At a time brother. icon_cool.gif

    You'll get there!
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    I agree I think a lot of people look at the money and not the path leading there. While the money is what lead most to this industry experience (ie the journey) is what enables us to make that money.

    I'm a bit different, when I first started yes I wanted as much money asap. I've now realized I want enough to live the life I want but I don't want 100k right away. My thought process is if at 35 I make over 100k where do I go from there? My only thought is I could only go down, then if that occurs trying to prove you are worth that much to a new employer would be hard (probably some insecurity on my end).

    I've enjoyed the journey, I've been in IT for 7 years, started at 35k at a held desk position now I'm a few k away from 100k. I think I've hit my cap at my current company and could make 105k or so elsewhere but the move wouldn't be worth the effort.

    Any who that's my story and thought process, yes the money is important but experience and the journey is just as important. Also you want to be careful not to artificially inflate your worth by getting 100k asap before your skillets are worth that much.
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    Five years ago I would have probably said screw the journey, get money. As I've moved up the chain I've realized while technical knowledge is definitely important, the been there done that factor is just as, if not more important. You learn a lot of things by going through them. Knowing how to go about doing something is more important than just knowing how to do it. Anyone can google or read the manual. So I'd say the journey is very important and unfortunately something you only learn while going through it. The smartest technical person I've probably ever met was a horrible engineer, let alone architect, for these reasons.
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    I'd say go with both, but don't let the money and the experience get too far out of alignment. If you are at a place where you are learning a lot, then great stay and learn. However I don't think you should stay and learn if you are getting paid $30,000 less than what another place would pay you in a similar role. With that being said, I wouldn't recommend taking a higher paying job that would pigeon hole yourself and limit your upward mobility unless you have a solid game plan in place.
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