Any good podcast to listen to during commute to work?

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I used to commute to work via train and I always have something to study/read during my commute.

Last week was my first week at my new job. It is a 20-minute bus ride, so 40 mins in total each day.

I tried to read a book, but I got really dizzy/nauseated after the ride...the route has a lot of turns etc.

I tried to get used to it over the last week, but the headache usually lasts a couple of hours after each ride...yes, it is that bad.

Sine I was a kid I get sick/nauseated every time I travel. You name, bus, ship, airplane, pigeon. So traveling has been difficult part of my life.

I have never tried podcast and want to give it a try. That seems to be the only option to utilize my commute.

So, do you guys know any good podcast to listen to?



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    Security Now with Steve Gibson is great.
  • cmztechcmztech Member Posts: 55 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I second Security Now. Good stuff.
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    Mike Show is pretty good:

    Mike Tech Show
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    Mike Show is pretty good:

    Mike Tech Show

    This is PIMP
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    What topics are you interested in?

    Software Engineering daily is good. So is the whole Packet Pushers family of podcasts.
    I know a bunch of good DevOps and programming podcasts. Would those fall within your interests?
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    i second
    packet pushers
    also Linux Action Show
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  • BuzzSawBuzzSaw Member Posts: 259 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Not a podcast . . but could basically be listened to as a podcast: ThreatWire from hak5

    Short, and a great weekly recap of new happens in security
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