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Hi everyone, I need a quick advice from anyone regarding network + exam. I did it first time last month and failed, I got around 600 approximately. I've read through Mike myers all in one book, his videos, used his totalsem practice questions which has 950 questions in total and his simulator . The advice I need is, in the practice questions I'm getting 72% mostly every time I practice it. Can I go and take the exams again? I've booked for the exams again next week but I'm just a bit panicky. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks


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    My teacher gave me this tip, so maybe it will help you too. Take a look at the objectives for Net+ here at the CompTIA link below and ask yourself, could you explain each topic and keyword there at least briefly to someone else who didn't know what it was? If you find that there are some keywords or topics there you aren't too sure about, then go and brush up on those for sure. Just my two cents worth. Good Luck!
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    You shouldn't be taking the exam if you are only scoring 72 on practice exams. Wait to test til you are in the middle 90s.

    I would get Glen E Clarke's book and do his labs, along with reading the book. You will find his itemized checklist of exam objectives very useful in pinpointing where you need extra study.

    Above all, give yourself time to wrestle with the material. Review it every day, going over stuff you are weak on.
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    I honestly used just the exam cram book. You can find it on I also had plenty of experience. Also make sure to KNOW YOUR PORTS. As well as understand CIDR. And be able to do classless inter domain routing.
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    Thanks so much for your advice, definitely I'll keep to it.
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    Thanks very much.
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    Thanks very much
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