How much should I charge?

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I've decided to post an advertisement in a local newspaper. I will build and repair computers and build and fix network related issues. I was wondering how much I should charge per hour for each of these services. I was assuming that I would charge $20 an hour for PC repair and $30 an hour for network repair and setup. Please give me your thoughts.



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    Besides from currency difference, in my country the rates are different, but I would like to advice you that it is usually better to be a little expensive than charging too little. Assuming you will do a perfect job every time, you might get a "you pay a little but then you get something" kind of thing. But of course you have to be careful not to go too high if there is much competition in your area. Wearing a suit and tie will allow you to charge a couple of bucks more ;)
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    I'll be sure to wear my MCP lapel pin....... should I ever get it icon_wink.gif .

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    That might actually not be a bad idea at all, just be sure not to wear it when you enter a corporate environment... unless it's at Microsoft ;)
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    Good luck with that, I don't know about your locality but in this area nobody wants to pay for anything like that. Sort yourself out a no-fix no-fee agreement that says that if you can't fix it they don't have to pay but also stipulating that if the customer saying no (to say a mainboard replacement or whatever) is the only reason you cannot fix then they still have to pay your time. This will mean you never get a no-pay situation but to the customer it feels they might get you out there for nothing. Also try to get into some small business networks as they are usually good for work, plus giving you the opportunity of being hired full time and expanding your networking knowledge.
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    i dont know about how much to charge for repair in your area..

    i do in home network setups, troubleshooting, fixing for 40-50 /hour ,
    upgrades, depending on what they need, if its simply ram, i charge a flat 25, if its like an OS then i charge house training i do around 40-50, building computers, servers, workstations, etc, i charge 100/flat.

    speaking of this subject.. in a couple min i am about to leave to this one ladys house.. she is having OS problems (progs not working correctly, she wants to delete old programs, probelms with outlook, wants to learn a couple certian progs, wants to setup her digi cam and how to work it, show her how to create simple web pages) ... o i told her i would charge her 40 /hour..

    listen.. if you remember what i said in the last post.. if you know you can get the job done and think highly of yourself, then post a $$ amount with confidence" i have done this enough to know people are willing to pay .. if you go in cheap, then your going to wokr for cheap.. duh lol...

    however, in your case since you dont have a lot of experience.. going in cheap and gettn that experience makes all the difference..

    so its a win win situation for you.. as long as you get hired :)

    goodluck.. if i can do it, you can to, also, wearing a MCP pin wont do you anything lol.. wear your head, thats the money maker ;)
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    tokhss wrote:
    goodluck.. if i can do it, you can to, also, wearing a MCP pin wont do you anything lol.. wear your head, thats the money maker ;)

    and make sure you don't forget your tongue!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif that thing does wonders.

    BTW, back in '96, when I started dabbling with this technical repair and stuff, I (and of course a couple of older friends) opened a relatively small shop in a very busy area in Toronto. We put that "A+ authorized... bla bla" thing on the window and started pocketing our fees like some heartless paralegals. We charged a flat 100 bucks for just looking into their computer problems. People didn't like being charged by the hour back in the days, so we just slapped them in the face with flat rates. 70 bucks for 1MB of ram, 200 bucks for a 40MB hard drive, 400 bucks for an SVGA monitor.... bla bla.

    We made a few dollars here and there... wasn't bad after all.

    If I were to do the same business today, I'd make sure the clock ticked the remaining cents out of my client’s pocket!!! LOOL icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif yeah, do all the dirty lawyer stuff. Even bill them while you’re sleeping.

    one thing hasn't changed since - don't forget to take your tongue along with you. icon_wink.gif
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    stores in my area typically charge £40 flat-fee just for accepting a computer that may have a fault. a friend of mine has a non-fix no-fee policy and then £15/hour. plus parts.

    i normally charge £15 for first hour then £10/hour thereafter. or sometimes £10/hour plus £10. plus parts.
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    Make sure you bit the COMP*S* price that list on their store. I think they are over charge.
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    I've been charging $30 an hour to undercut the other local freelancers and computer shops, but I start billing the second my engine turns over, so the closer they live to me, the better ;)
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    Basic PC repair/upgrade/etc $30 per hour two hour min. clock starts ticking as soon as I walk out my front door.

    Home Networks/ SOHO networks same as above only $50 per hour

    Onsite support: fees based by client / by support required.
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