How Much to Study for Foundations Exam?

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Hi Everyone,

How much do you recommend studying for the Foundations Exam?

I am currently doing online course, and plan to do practice exams - do you think that's enough?

Thanks for your time. :)


  • tmtextmtex Posts: 326Member
    I had a three day class of it last Dec, read the book up and down, got one of the popular books that 2 ladys wrote, read that did their practice tests, did other tests out there, failed it with a 55. It was a lot of the "pick the best AnswerS!" meaning more then 1 but doesn't tell u how many. Then it was pick the best 2. Now I have talk to many who glanced through a book and passed it with flying colors
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    Hi ChristopherPaul, check out my blog 'all your ITIL foundation questions answered' - you'll find some advice in there about the syllabus and sample exams that should help.

    Your ITIL Foundation Certification Questions Answered | ITSM Zone

    Good luck with your studies!

  • staytruestaytrue Posts: 1Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Just took it, passed with a 90% 36/40.

    My system isn't recommended at all, but I'm applying to a job now that wants it and closes in 2 days so I had to ASAP it for the weekend.

    Here it was:
    2 days listening to the livelesson videos (whole thing is like 16 hours! Sped it up to 2.56 and had a talking chipmunk), Part of day Saturday, All day Sunday
    took ONLY questions from the Study Guide by Liz Gallacher (didn't try to read it, thing is a tome and I am farsighted so my eyes start rebelling after a while)
    Took 3 sample tests from itil - 30/40 31/40 34/40

    Finished studying at 2am, popped a caffeine pill and took it. Proctor probably wondering if I was on cocaine, but got a simple lineup of questions, basically matching terms 'change management = change manager' finished in 18 minutes. At around minute 15, my cats I hid away in a different room started clawing at the door to get out. that was definitely a jolt to hurry before i was accused of cheating through meows.

    But I just finished an MBA program, got a PMP at the end of June, so my brain is wired exactly for how these tests ask stuff, so your mileage will vary. I would not even recommend my system, but this test isn't like a PMP test where you have to understand the process and where you are in the 47 steps, it is a rote memory definition test where they have keywords for each definition that are used on the test.

    Those Livelesson videos are good, should check them out.

    Anyway, I understand my method will garner hate, save it please. Good luck to you in your method, but for me 500+ questions is too much for this. Find your style of learning and look for the best teacher for that itil in that method. Study terms in Simple words, not the PMBOK or ITIL 500 word pedantic explanation for a 2 word action. You'll do great!
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