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I am using the measureup practice exams for 70-680 by suggestions from good people on here who say it is close to what the test will bring come my soon to be "sit down and take it" day.

I also want to do some refreshers such as a lab.

IS measure up a good source for these labs also?

What have you guys used that helped you TRULY understand all of the "microsoft ways" of doing it?

obviously the answers are in essence the way Microsoft wants things done.

What do you all suggest?
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    Try Transcender too. I was using MeasureUp that came with the study guide for 70-461 and those questions are way too easy than the real test. I have taken that test twice. Will try for the 3rd time soon.
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    The measure up questions that come with the MS study books are easy, they are the same ones in book at the end of chapters/lessons but the measure up practice tests on their website are a little more challenging, I find them more trickier than transcender.
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    If you have the time and the resources I would suggest building your own labs with VMware or Virtual Box and using Professor Messers videos as guides to perform different tasks, such as creating answer files, using applocker or migrating data. It's free and gives you more of an understanding of the topics as you are setting it up from the very beginning to the very end, compared to following step-by-step instructions without thinking about how something works.
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    * Complete record of all orders by user, date, time, product, etc.
    * Detailed user information such as name, email and company
    * In depth test history broken down by product, objective or question
    * Group reporting for all assessments by user, subject or summary
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