Passed Project+! My First Certification :D

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Took the Project+ (PK0-003) exam today and passed pretty comfortably.

I just wanted to say thank you to the great people on this forum for the helpful advice and pointers, I was lurking here for about a month while I studied, and the information I found here was the key to my success.

Special thanks:

Adam Detroid - Recommended the Sybex Project+ Study Guide, uCertify, and an eBook called "CompTIA Project+ Exam Prep" off of Amazon. I used all 3 and they were critical to my success.

iBrokeIT - Pointed out that you can get access to Pluralsight training videos free for 90 days if you are a student with Microsoft Dreamspark Access. They have pretty good videos for reviewing the P+ material.

Psoasman - Gave out a huge batch of notes that were great for review and memorizing definitions.

And there was one other user who posted these excellent notes for review, so sorry I couldn't find the original poster or thread icon_sad.gif

Next, I plan on going after the CAPM certification.

Thanks again guys! You all made me very happy today, and I feel like I am well on my way to a career in Project Management thanks to you :D
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