Questions about the eligibility of this exam? Help!

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So I read on the website that you must have experience in all five fields and 5 years security experience?

Is this true?

My school offers this certification through them and it only cost me 15$, if I go though them I guess I just skip the whole application process?

What's the deal with being eligible to take this exam?



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    Everything EC-Council related is shady. There are no good answers, only more mysteries the more you pull back the curtain. If you can get CEH on your resume for $15, then do it. If you aren't sure, sign up and try it anyway. At most you're out $15 and have learned some new stuff.

    If you're still interested in "hacking" after that, look into OSCP or EJPT/ECPPT - the real "hacking" certs that you've probably never heard of but would learn a lot more studying for.
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    2 years of experience unless I'm looking at the wrong site:

    $15 for a cert - I would go for it. What other certs are available to you for $15?
    Alphabet soup: CISSP, CCSP, CISM, CISA, GDSA, GPEN, GCIA, GCIH, GCCC, CEH, Azure Fundamentals, Azure Security Engineer Associate, ITIL 4 Foundation, and more.

    2020 goals: AZ-900, AZ-500, GDSA, ITILv4

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    Yea I plan on doing eJPT and OSCP but figured I would do the CEH first to get the foundation down and there is a huge military presence where I live so it would be good to have for a DOD job. Should I do CASP after the CEH?

    Here is the list of certs offered for 15$ at my school. It's pretty awesome they do this, a lot of good ones on here.

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