How long did it take you to pass A+ 801 and 802?

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Hello Hello- I was just curious how long it took you to pass the A+ 801 and 802 exam for those who self studied. How many hours in total, challenges you came across etc?

For those who are new to computers and self studied did you fail the 1st time? I am just trying to get an idea how many hours i need to dedicate a day to this.


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    It took me 3 months to get through both exams (I procrastinated), with no experience in the field, I passed both first time.
    I think 1 month 3-4 hours study per day is a reasonable amount of time to get through the material.
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Meyers' previous textbooks would list a guide near the front of the book recommending anywhere from 20 - 80+ hours of study depending upon one's experience.

    So, how much experience do you have working with the content that is listed on the objectives? How well do you understand the content listed on the objectives?

    Keep in mind the exam is geared toward candidate's WITH experience in the field. If you only have lab time experience, you may need a bit more time to prepare. If you are a quick study, you may not need as much time.

    While I suspect you are looking/hoping the members can say, 'oh, 'x' hours and you'll be golden'. This is not how IT certification works. Candidates work with the material they hope to test on soon. Invest in textbooks. Set a couple hours a day aside to read/study. Possibly find a partner to keep them accountable in their studies. You will have to take a personal inventory and assess what it is you need or needed the times you were successful preparing for exams.

    Some folks can handle 4 hours of study a day, other can barely last for 1 hour. Likewise, the length of daily study will depend on the material one is covering. If the material is easy and fun, more time. If it is painful, dull or difficult, spend a bit less on the new material and split the time with review.

    Try 2 hours a day, see how that works for you.
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    Just wanted to point out since you referenced 801 and 802 in the thread title -- 901 and 902 are the current exams. The 800 series has been retired.
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