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So I have a small biz on the side that does sec consulting for SMB's.

Up to this point we did it manually and case by case basis, but it is starting to consume a lot of our time.

Anyone used or know of any good security focused MSP (managed service providers)?

I have used N-able before (whicj i liked) but they took large amounts of our profits.

Any other recommendations?


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    Not sure what you're looking for.

    Companies are outsourcing their security services to you and you want to basically be a reseller for dedicated, large managed security services providers?

    Or are you doing audits for companies? MSSPs don't typically do full-fledged independent audits other than to give you the "free" risk assessment that only ever finds the holes in your environment that they directly sell services to plug.
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    I actually do the same thing; security consulting for the SMB market. There are few MSP's who focus on security. Many MSP's claim they do security (as they claim they do Cloud) but it's mostly just talk. And many of the clients pay little heed to even basic security.

    I think it's definitely a lucrative market & perhaps you could find a MSP who would be willing to put focus on security as part of architecting and sys admin. I think it's got a bright future with some work

    You might also want to connect with Fortinet. They make great security products for MSP's but aren't really well known like CISCO & Sonicwall but may have some knowledge of security orientated MSP's.
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    Well at one point we were using N-able do do most of our clients AV/spam/BYOD and compliance management, but we brought it back to save money.

    We have gotten large enough to where we really need it now and have branched out into DoD compliance so we want to devote our time to that vector being that we are all cleared and have most of our exp in gov work.

    So we would like to offer the equivalent of a managed security partner to local SMB's as that is the majority of our profit right now.

    The only MSP I have exp with is N-able but I will ck out fortinet. Has anyone heard of spice works?

    Funny thing is that now that we are doing sec consultant work with gov connected companies we see what is really happening from the outside looking in.....interesting stuff indeed lol
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    I've used Reliaquest before, not in the same fashion so I'm not sure if they can do a white label sort of setup as you'd likely want to do but the company as a whole is solid.
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