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Hello all,

I have just started my study for the CCNP route exam but I am still looking for a good way to practice the simulations. I have already been looking around on this forum and found some interesting things but the problem is I have to pay everything by myself.
So I downloaded GNS3 and I already found out I have to use a real IOS.

I am still a student so my question was the following: Is it possible to use the IOS of the router on my school (if the school allows it)?

Thanks in advance!


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    If you want to use IOS images you're limited to the ISR 3610, 3725, 3745 and 7200. Only the 7200 supports IOS 15 which i guess is the focus of the recent CCNP.

    I'd do something different instead (actually trying to get ready for CCNP myself):

    - get GNS3
    - install the GNS3 VM inside VMware Workstation Player
    - get your hands on some Cisco IOU (IOS on Unix) images (google them up)
    - load them up on the GNS3 VM and should have IOS 15 for both L2 (yes, you can now do switching in GNS3) and L3

    I actually saw a podcast last week hosted by INE & Eli the Computer Guy where they interviewed a CCIE working in Cisco TAC; they confirmed that you can go full virtual for CCNP and maybe even CCIE level topics.

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    [X] CIPTV2 300-075
    [ ] SIP School SSCA
    [X] CCNP Switch 300-115 [X] CCNP Route 300-101 [X] CCNP Tshoot 300-135
    [ ] LPIC1-101 [ ] LPIC1-102 (wishful thinking)
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    Thank you very much negru_tudor!
    Really helpfull answer and I will certainly check this out.

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