a+ 801 and 802?

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Just to be clear ComTia a+ 801 and 801 or now 901 and 902 so if ive been studying for the old ones those no longer apply? also you have to take 2 test to get A+ certified. Just curious how long did it take you to self study for the test. How many hours? did you come across any problems or concerns?


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    MJK9550MJK9550 Member Posts: 160
    The 801 and 802 are retired, only the 901 and 902 are available. Yes, after passing both exams you will be A+ certified. I studied for about a month, every day for a few hours. I have time at work to study usually though so that helped a lot. I take my 902 Friday and just passed the 901 last Friday. I've been doing practice tests and reading up on areas I feel I forgot thing in.
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    Falls_TechFalls_Tech Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I saw your post about CCNA. Something to keep in mind, CISCO just announced they are laying off 14,000 employees. Not a good sign. In general our economy is in a downward spiral. Don't believe your tv set.

    But go with your heart. Whatever your really interested in.....
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