Have an unrelated degree + some experience - advice please?

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Hi everyone, I just joined and I hope you can give me some advice.

I graduated college over a year ago - not something directly related to IT but I do have some experience. My degree is BA in "Design and Technology" - where it was mainly focused on the Entertainment industry. I got experience setting up networks for large scale concerts, live events; working with all types of A/V equipment, and computers. I also worked for two years at the Help Desk at my university (not working for financial aid, I was just like the rest of their staff, but worked after my classes full time). I've also had one internship that was slightly more Entertainment technology related - but I did lots of PC and Mac troubleshooting, setting up A/V equipment, assisting with account resets, settings up new computers/printers/phones. So - I have some experience but my degree is not in IT. I currently, for over a year, have worked for a large theme park company in Florida, working with equipment and technical support, assisting a team with their computer needs, A/V set up, lighting and sound equipment repair and troubleshooting, etc. I absolutely love helping others and would love to work at a help desk again. I would like to move back home to New Jersey and pursue a help desk position there. I am more than fine with entry level, but I am afraid that my "weird" degree with not even get me an interview. It has not been a problem so far because all (besides the university help desk) has been associated with technology that is related mostly to the ENTERTAINMENT side of things - but at the end of the day, that equipment is mostly the same. Looking for any and all advice. I'm currently looking to get some Microsoft certs and well as A+ or anything else, since I believe it might help me get an interview.

I know I've had some work experience before - but do you think I can land something else (like help desk again) without an actual IT degree? And do you have any advice at all for my situation? I really love the Entertainment tech-side of things which is why I went to school for it, but I am finding more and more that I really like just using technology, helping others use it, etc. I really would like to find another job, but I feel as if I do not stack up to other candidates who have an IT degree.

Thank you


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    Your degree is fine, you're just too focused on it. When I read the name first I thought it was more graphic arts and some tech, either way people likely aren't even going to ask you about it as you already have experience. If they do you can just tell them it was setting up networks for large scale events, etc, the stuff you said here, nothing there is something you should worry about.

    If you want a helpdesk job you should be able to get one now without an issue, you already have some experience and a degree, whether it's an IT degree or not at this point is irrelevant as it checks a box that some companies will require. I'd look at where you want to be longer term, if it's in systems, servers, etc, then sure, some MS certs would be great, maybe start working your way towards the MCSA. If you enjoyed the networking side of your past jobs more than start working on the CCNA.

    Good luck, stop worrying about the degree. If you've done technical work, then sell it as that, don't harp on the fact that it was for a different industry and you feel like it shouldn't count somehow.
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    I agree with what daniel said also.

    I'd probably knock out the A+ and then move onto Network+ as those have less prep times and you can achieve those quicker and add those to your resume and show potential employers you're serious.

    After that if you like networking then as daniel said you can move onto CCNA, if you prefer OS/end-user support then MCSA.

    A+ -> Net+ -> CCNA/MCSA
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    BerkshireHerdBerkshireHerd Member Posts: 185
    As others have said degree is fine, other the CS programming type jobs, it is just used to check the HR box. My degree is in Sports Management & Marketing. Working in InfoSec right now.
    Identity & Access Manager // B.A - Marshall University 2005
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    Thank you all for the reassurance and advice!
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