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I think, every WGU student has asked this question in public or at least to one's own-self, and the question is "has any WGU grad been able to make his/her way to any B&M university for Masters?" I am more interested to learn from people who graduated from College of Technology, dont want to throw teaching/nursing into the mix to keep the discussion as specific as possible. I am a BS (IT-Security) graduate and want to know if someone found any path or luck to an MS in EE or MS in CIS or any technical MS from any reputable (preferably) B&M institution.

Please share your experiences and enlighten us. I am sure this will benefit countless people.


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    Can't help but I would be amazed if we had a significant membership from the College's of Nursing or Teaching (or even business for the bachelors degree) given the focus of this forum.
    Thanks, Tom

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    There's this list that WGU maintains although it's for doctorate degrees. I also remember seeing a few threads on Reddit covering this.
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    Looks like that list now covers graduate and doctorate programs.
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    I just clicked on the link and, I must say, one thing popped out at me which made me shake my head. If you are an educational institution, you might want to proofread your webpages. Seriously, the very first entry is misspelled. It should read Air Force Institute of Technology, not Airforce Institute of Technology. I know mistakes happen but universities should strive to do better than that.

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    saw a few people on reddit get into Georgia Tech's OMSCS program. I'm aiming to do the same.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    There's this list that WGU maintains although it's for doctorate degrees. I also remember seeing a few threads on Reddit covering this.

    It's for graduate and doctorate.

    @OP: That list of schools includes UPEN and Columbia. If people who graduated WGU were accepted into them, you don't have to worry about being accepted into you local college for a graduate program.
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    usman4673usman4673 Member Posts: 115
    It is encouraging to see that WGU has some kind of list showing where its students have landed up. But a few questions still come to mind:

    I) How do they determine if the student actually made it through to the final admission unconditionally?
    2) Do they just add a name "ABC" to their university list when a student X requests official transcripts to be sent to university ABC?
    3) I wish and hope that they soon start incorporating "sub-school" or at least the field of study along with the name of the institute in their list. This will boost up prospective students' morale, upon seeing someone on the path they are on, has been able to make it that far.
    4) I know, it has nothing to do with this. But the numbers normally don't tell the stories behind them. What I mean to say is, if someone was able to make it to Northeastern , Purdue or Columbia, just seeing the university name on the list doesn't tell you through how many hoops and hurdles they had to go through to make it all the way. People at WGU come from varying backgrounds, some with very exceptional brains. I think, it would be nice that anytime a student informs WGU that he has been admitted to a renowned university, WGU should ask for any hurdles/tips they can share with WGU so others can benefit. I know, no university maintains such data about its graduates but in the online world of education, any such effort if WGU makes will increase its selling potential and eventually increase revenue and bring stability. A little more effort will bring in exponential benefits.
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    Danielm7Danielm7 Member Posts: 2,310 ■■■■■■■■□□
    While those are valid concerns, I doubt WGU would ever ask that and or publish it. Can you see something like "Northeastern University - student got in, he's smarter than average but there was a lot of paperwork and frustration" in a public list?
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    Hi, usman4673-

    Before I started my BS in IT - Security through WGU almost a year ago, I did a lot of research, including whether a WGU bachelor's degree would be accepted in graduate programs. For example, I emailed BYU to see if a WGU BS degree would be accepted for their MS in Technology (the pertinent requirement was "Accredited BS Degree in a related field"). They said that yes, it's accepted, and that I would then have to go through the normal application procedure (GRE, letters of recommendation, etc.). Once I got that confirmation, I dove into my WGU program.

    If you find a graduate program that you like, might ask them similar questions (if you haven't already).

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