WGU - B.S. Business - IT Management Journey

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I will keep everyone posted using this thread. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

They transferred in 22 CU from previous college coursework. My mentor says they don't transfer in certs (just saying).

I start Thursday. :)

So far my Mentor has been OK. My enrollment counselor has been easy to work with and everyone really has been. I speak to my Mentor on Thursday regarding my degree plan, etc.


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    ChristopherPaulChristopherPaul Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    My mentor hasn't contacted me yet today (scheduled for 4:45 pm). I decided not to waste my day though and took all pre-assessments for Term 1. IT Fundamentals I did the best on, but passed them all. Not sure if passing them is enough or how that works. The IT Fundamentals though I should be able to skim and pass pretty easy I presume.

    My mentor changed the order of my first term classes in my degree plan and made Composition II my first class. I've began to read up and watch the videos and just submitted Task 1 (thesis). This shouldn't be too difficult just time consuming to write a 10-15 pg paper, gather sources, etc.

    I'm waiting to hear what my mentor has to say and receive my starting kit, etc.
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    ChristopherPaulChristopherPaul Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    My mentor walked me through everything. He allowed me to take my pre-assessments before he called because he was calling at like 5 pm at night. I took 3 of them and all "pass" but some lower scores than others.

    I started diving deep in Composition II and just finished my paper. It is 8 pages total but I read online from multiple sources the actual number of pages don't count *I tried my best to get to 10 as they like...We'll see what happens. Now the only issue I have is the originality report. You need to get close to a 30% and mine was like 39% - so I emailed the Course Mentor to see what's going on, what I can do, since it seemed most of it was from news sites, etc. So technically I would of finished Comp II in 2 days and still may.

    Next up is IT Fundamentals (cake if you know your stuff) - only one part of the pre-assessment I got low part on so I will review and retake the pre-assessment probably on Monday. Going to Las Vegas for my Uncle's wedding this weekend...
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