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Has anyone else taken or heard of their Executive Certificates in Security/Cloud/Mobility/Channel Management/Financial Acumen/Cloud and maybe others?

The Capstone's required for completion were held at Channel Con and I believe they are available to associated members and/or organizations that pay annual dues to qualify for the various Trustmark seals from CompTIA. Since I do not pay annual dues I'm not 100% and rather not call to confirm while they remind me that my A+/Net+ are the original lifetime ones and why they think I would benefit from updating to the CE versions...

I figured why not take the opportunity to go through the education and testing for as many Executive Course's as I could when bribed with them and passes to participate in a few round table discussions on vendor/channel management and the state of security. Though I yet to see a CV with one and curious they hold any value or were known of by other "leaders" in their respective areas of expertise?

I was able to complete 3 as the capstones presentations were all day separate groups which I did, but still have the qualifications for 2 capstones left that if they have a decent negotiation value or recognition that'd make it worth looking into attending their next event to obtain the channel management along with the finance one (which I'm sure Wharton trumps CompTIA for finance).

If anyone does know about any of these and feedback would be appreciated as I rather not put them on a CV if it is just another piece of paper that's only useful when experience is lacking.

If anyone attends Channel-Con or wants links to the pre-work/testing site I can send them a link as it must have been designed by CSO's w/o AppSec 101 experience and lets anyone use the link and make accounts just pointless without the capstone kind of like a written CCIE when a Master Partner is hiring to fill the CCIE's on staff required to keep their partner level and doesn't give a damn if they know anything since the margin discount from list price lost w/o that CCIE would = net loss YoY.


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    trueshrewkmctrueshrewkmc Member Posts: 107
    If you were applying to a CompTIA member company, it might be worthwhile. Sounds like they might be a way to persuade channel partners of the awesome value of certifications. Or maybe it's to give executives some sense of solidarity with the underlings.....(Because having a company pay for travel and salary for Channel Con attendance is the same as me paying for travel and vacation time spent at a CASP boot camp.)

    But really, do think Bill Gates has any Microsoft certs?
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