Enough just to use Meyers' passport for n10-006?

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Does that book cover all the material required to pass the exam?



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    I have not used Meyers' passport book but I did use his all in one Net+ book. The books is great but i would recommend watching the professor messer videos along side reading the Meyer's book.
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    Is one tiny book enough to pass a certification exam? Yes, if the candidate has the appropriate amount of experience, understands the objectives completely and only needs a light review.

    The book is to be used as a review for a candidate with experience who needs a brush up, or as a supplement to a full text. That comment aside, I have always thought the Passport series to be well done.

    Download a copy of the objectives, go through the items mark your strengths and weaknesses...as the objectives are the things you should know to be prepared.
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