Ucertify good for A+ Cert?

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Hi guys, I am going to start studying for the A+ certification. I know a little bit about computers (I fix laptops at work), but you could still say that I am way behind your average computer wiz. I am thinking about taking the Ucertify 220-901 & 220-902 A+ Complete Study Guide (Course & Labs). Its pretty expensive (almost $400), but I might split the cost with a friend. I feel pretty safe with Ucertify as I used them for my Project+ studying and I feel like that was the study material that best stuck in my head. Do you guys think I could pass both A+ exams with just this Ucertify material?
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    The more resources the better, but I feel the A+ won't be too bad at all. I just passed it with studying for a month. I read two books and took some practice tests online. Examcompass.com and watch some videos if needed, prof messers. Also gcgapremium.com has some practice tests and flashcards for 10$, its a good deal. I wouldn't bother paying 400$ for the A+ when all you need you can use for free basically.
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    For A+ and probably NET+, if you cannot pass with a textbook or two and reviewing the objectives, it likely you means you need a bit more time, 'hands-on' with the material.

    I am not a fan of sitting with a bunch of practice questions, memorizing the Q&A (through repetition) and then taking the exam. That said, practice tests are fine to measure one's beginning knowledge and then retest again AFTER a bit of study to assess growth.

    Ask yourself this, are you going into IT and need to take this exam for your career? If yes, then my question to you is, 'why are you looking for a short cut to study?' You will need this knowledge in your respective career, why would you want to cliff note it? And if by chance your answer is 'no', then why bother taking the exam? To collect the paper?

    Gaining certifications should be a marathon and last the duration of one's career, not a sprint to achieve ten in the first year.

    Lastly, A+ and Net+ are definitely certifications that are best prepared for with the Meyers text, the Sybex text or both.

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    I wouldnt spend $400 on A+. I'd get one of the higher rated A+ books, and use Professor Messer's videos to supplement. If you feel you need practice tests, find a coupon code for ITPro.tv and subscribe. It will include a Transcender practice test every month. You can cancel the subscription when you're done.

    That woulduld cost you substantially less than $400.
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    I just passed my Comptia 901 last week using mostly uCertify. I have access through wgu so I cant really say much about the price. I will vouch that the content is good. My strategy was to mostly use uCertify. If I ever came across a section that was too boring to read I would watch the equivalent Mrofessor Messer video. Also be sure to take good notes. Even if you don't go back and read them it helps retain the knowledge. Once I felt confident I knew the information I started doing the practiced tests which were also very helpful.

    In addition to this I made my own flashcards and took a million free practice tests online. I found the questions from crucialexams.com and uCertify to be closest the the questions given by Comptia.

    Hope this helps, Good luck!
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    Similar to Phinneas, I used uCertify which I get through WGU. Using just uCertify and a few Prof Messer vids and notes, I passed the 901 with an 810 only studying 5 days before the exam. I feel ucertufy covered the material that was on the exam thoroughly.
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    09-26-2016 10:35 PM
    I passed my CompTIA 220-901 and 220-902 exama month ago using uCertify. The content is very good. I have studied the whole book practice all its assesments and labs. I must say the ucertify courses was just similar to the real exam paper or I must say the exam was much easier then that of uCertify assesments and labs.
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