Reschedule an exam, but Pearson support if off

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Hello, dear members.

I am experiencing a weird situation. I booked an exam for tomorrow, but I had some issues and I cannot sit for the exam.
Pearson requires 24 hours notice for rescheduling the exam but the customer support is off-line. I would what the f*****

The web interface does not allow me to reschedule the exam and if I cancel it or not show up I will lose my money.

Any idea? I find it very stupid.


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    You have to do it earlier than the day before, sorry. Try and find a way to be there otherwise I'm fairly certain you will lose your voucher/money! Sorry man
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    I had talked to the people at a exam center here in Minnesota. I was asking about scheduling an exam. And, how you have to schedule an exam at least 24 hours in advance. But, for an exam on Monday, the latest you could schedule it would be on Friday. Same goes for canceling or rescheduling a Monday exam, the latest you could do it is on Friday. So, the 24 hours thing seem to be more of a 1 business day thing, Sat. and Sun. don't count. I didn't ask about holidays.

    that is a poor way to run a business, say they have a 24 hours policy, but exclude a 48 hour period without mentioning it. At least I had never seen it any where. Probably in that small print that you have no choice but to accept.
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    Im surprised you weren't able to rebook online. Which exam series were you taking? Most will let you schedule/reschedule whenever you want.

    That being said, I'd contest it with Pearson. A lot of times they'll issue a voucher to take the exam in cases like this. If that fails, I'd contest it with your credit card.
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    If you have extreme circumstances in your life, you might be able to negotiate a refund. Also, the fact that you are saying that they might have been unavailable for a period of time might help your cause. Be prepared to eat the cost of the test you signed up for, though. GL
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