OSCP - Yes, Another Damn OSCP Thread. Follow Me - It'll be fun

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Hi All

So, taking heart from all the great stories of perseverance, diligence, sweat, blood, tears and little rocking in the corner mumbling to yourselves, I would also like to document my trials whilst attempting the Everest of pentesting certs - OSCP.

My educational background:
A+ N+ XRY XACT ENCE (did training, never wrote exam), teeny tiny bit of python, ridiculous interest in anything infosec related. Programming languages - nil.

My employment background:
Two digital forensic companies. Currently have the opportunity to start my own digital forensic company and looking to branch out our 'expertise'

Family Life:
Full-time job, married + one daughter (2yrs).

The reason for telling you all my life story is to put the challenge of the cert and life into perspective.

I haven't registered for PWK yet - still waiting for fibre to be linked at home icon_rolleyes.gif but once that is live, rock 'n roll.

I will review the course, course materials and videos as I go along, which hopefully will benefit any other aspiring OSCP'ers as well include any additional resources I have found useful.

I don't know if I will pass - but, hey if anything, I'll learn to come up with creative excuses when my daughter asks why Daddy'd crying...

Thanks to all for the inspiring stories here at Tech Exams.




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