Dev 522 v 542 (GWAPT)

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Dear all,

Has anyone encountered either of the above 2 courses? Would really appreciate it if anyone can shed some light as to what the main differences between the two are. Work as an architect/security assessor against web applications and networks.

Also would the 504 be useful in this case for the latter?

Help much appreciate.

Best wishes
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    I'm actually in the SEC542 class right now and work as a WebApp Pen tester alongside devs that perform code review for security purposes.

    From what little you wrote, you want the 542, but can you be more specific about what you're curious about and what you are looking to o in the future/now?
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    Hi there,

    I found out what I was looking for from SANS directly thanks.

    Essentially was looking to find out what the differences between the 2 courses were and what type of individual 522 was aimed at.
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