GCIH Indexing Question

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For anyone who has taken the test, was it worthwhile to index [Hacker Workshop 504.6] and the [Bootcamp] book? I am taking the test soon and i've combed through every page of the actual lessons 504.1-5, leaving no stone unturned.


  • BillHooBillHoo Member Posts: 207 ■■■□□□□□□□
    If you are unfamiliar with some of the commands in Linux, or Windows, or to invoke various shells and such, it might be good to comb through Labs in Book 6 and pick out ones that you have trouble remembering.

    A lot of them are also in the cheatsheets, that you got from class, or can dowload from the SANS site.
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    I was told by a SANS instructor that everything except the labs in the books was testable, but I would include Linux commands and what some to the common options do just in case. What were your practice test scores like? If you can do well on the practice tests, your exam score should be within a few points of what they were.
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