Passed SY0-401 yesterday now have the Trio. Thoughts on the test.

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Passed with a 831 yesterday and thought the test wasn't overly difficult. It felt more challenging then the Net+ and required more working knowledge of the topics then just reiterating information(like net+ A+). Like has been said in a few posts the biggest thing to understand when taking the test is FULLY read the question to try and zero in on key words. Some of the questions felt like a trick question until I broke down the question a bit better which helped eliminate some choices. I lucked out a bit in that I only had 4 "sims" and even with those only 1 really felt like a sim. The others were just match these terms with these readouts/options. Also do not get stuck on a question, it is far batter to flag a question if you don't know the answer quickly than agonize over one. You may come back with a clearer head or another question may help with the one your struggling with. I also tend to save the sims till the end for the same reason.

Study Info:
My main source of study was Pluralsite which had a great course for security+. Christopher Rees did a nice job of giving you the information you need while also showing it in use. I also used various practice exams around the web along with googling anything I was unfamiliar with.

Study Time: 2 weeks

Experience: Around 5 years now of various levels of help desk

Ongoing: I am thinking of heading down the Cisco path at this point.


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