Passed today with a score of 746

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I passed the network+ exam today with a score of 746, only just passed.

I did the courses through Pitmans Training and they use online video training through learn key. I found the learn key video training a bit hard to take in, the guy talking just didn't work for me.

I also read Mike Meyers all in one network +

I also used CBT Nuggets video training which I found much easier to take in and they seem to explained things a lot more clearly and at my level.

The first 4 question of the exam were simulators.

One on subnetting.
One on cable testing.
One on wiring up an rj45 connector.
One on turning on the ports on some switches
( which I had no idea what it was asking me to do).

The rest of the exam were are multiple choice questions, I think I had about 10 that needed multiple selections to the answer.

I went through the exam pretty quickly flagging the ones I was unsure of.

After answering all the questions I went back over the flagged questions (about 20 of them) and read the questions again, I think I changed my mind on about 5 of the flagged questions.

On the flagged questions my strategy was to eliminate the selections I knew were wrong which left me with a two to pick from, so I had a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right.

I found it a bit of a pain you had to take a survey at the end of the exam before you get your results.

But others than that it was a good experience.


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