1941 vs 1841

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I have 2x1841 and 2x2821 in my lab. Do I need a 29xx or a 19xx instead (or in addition too)? And why?


  • AwesomeGarrettAwesomeGarrett I wouldn't listen to me Member Posts: 257
    No. All major protocols can be ran on 1841.
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    No. All major protocols can be ran on 1841.

    But more importantly, you don't need to worry about feature licensing on the 18xx series (security/ips/sslvpn/etc) as they all come built in.
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    Cool. How many WIC-2T cards do i have to have. I have heard 4 in one device and one in each of the other so that would make:
    2 WIC-2T one 1841
    1 WIC-2T in one 1841
    1 WIC-2T in one 2821
    1 WIC-2T in one 2821

    Or do I need to mess with the 2821 since I am not doing Collaboration? I have a friend who can trade me 1841 for 2821... thoughts?
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    yes that is right. 4 serial ports in one router or 2x wic-2Ts. and 3 other routers with 2 serial ports or 1 wic-2T

    you don't need to do anything else with the 2821's.

    They are just bigger, louder, and heavier. also have much more expandability. might think about putting a nm-16a/s or nm-32a/s in one and having it be a terminal server.
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