Vintage Equipment Question - Cisco 16AM Module as a term server?

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Hi Everyone,
Can a Cisco 2600 with a 16AM (analog modem) Module be used as a term server or out of band directly connecting to the AUX ports of Cisco 2500 routers? I'm trying to do it but can't figure it out. Not much useful into in the Googs.

Any advise is appreciated.


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    no that isn't going to work.
    but you can connect the 2600 aux port to the 2500 aux port. just hope your not wanting to do more than one.

    if you are, you should look into using a nm-16a/s. just be sure it is supported by the hardware and the ios version that you have.

    you could do the 16am -> modem -> 2500 aux port.
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    Not even with any kind of Null Modem Cable or cross over? I am pretty good with a soldering iron.

    I think what I want is:

    (2501) AUX(cat5) -> something -> RJ11 (2600 with 16AM)

    It appears that Null Cables are used for back to back modems.
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    the electrical signals are different.
    console/aux port expects a rs-232 signal
    and 16am expects an analog phone signal

    even if you get the wires correct. They are speaking different languages. Which is why you need the modem to translate the phone signal to rs-232.

    you can think of the 16am as being a 16port modem.
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    I've never used the aux port, but wouldn't NM-32A and NM-16A with CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC work? I've only used the console port and they work with the console port.
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