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HELP! I want to take my Security+ cert but not sure on how to find where I can take it. I know where to buy the vouchers though. Can anyone please help an IT brother out?


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    I always use the PearsonVue website. You have to sign up for an account if you don't have one already. You need to select the CompTIA testing program and the sign up. Once you are logged into the site, select the Security+ exam. From there you just follow the on screen instructions until you get to a screen where you can select three different testing centers at a time. Select three testing centers and press next to see when they have availability. I usually look at all of the test centers within 50 miles to find one that has a time slot open on Saturdays and I usually try to book it three weeks ahead of time once I know I am ready to take the test or I have done all of the studying I care to do and just want to take the test to see what happens.
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    As said above, you can enter to Pearson Vue and create an account and search for the test center near you.

    Good Luck! :D
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    When booking Microsoft exams I always use Google Streetview to take a look at the test centre and surrounding area before booking. If it looks a bit dis-reputable, I go elsewhere. In the UK, some of the test centres are inside run-down "colleges above chip-shops". I tried one once, the desk was tiny, the computer kept losing its network connection, and I was constantly worried about the security of the stuff I'd left in the locker at reception.
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    Thanks everyone!!!
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    I like the Google street view suggestion. I primarily use it to make a virtual trip there, so when test day comes I know what the buildings look like and how to get there if I've never used that facility before. I tend to try to use the testing facilities at local legit colleges and universities. Although my favorite one before I moved was a testing facility at an adult education center of a school district. Good computers, climate control, plenty of space and in a good neighborhood.
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