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Going for my MCSA 2012, learned I can replace 412 with 409 and meet the requirements.

Passed today, 739/1000, I'll take it.

Test was standard MS test with lots of filler in the question that means nothing I find that you should read the question from the bottom up, to really see what they want (after reading it normally of course... its just good test taking at that point). Definitely need to know your stuff, though it was easier than my Win 7 exams... Lol.

Used the free study guide from Veam, and used technet. I have 0 experience with SCCM, but its pretty obvious what some answers are in the test. Take that with a grain of salt.

I work with Hyper-V a lot, and know enough about it. I didnt really lab it up, but I would recommend you try and use it and get comfortable with Hyper-V (as a snap in).

Best of luck!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats on passing the exam
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    All the best,

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    I plan to take this exam soon, did the study guide shed much light on the Powershell knowledge needed for this exam?
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    Thanks guys,

    TMurph, the guides were not good for powershell. It was mostly just informational "This is what this is and does".

    Powershell for that exam is Hyper-V cmdlets and SCCM based. (I don't believe this is breaking NDA because its still vague and that information is public).

    If you've been working with HV2012R2 or Server 2012R2, and have Microsoft Exam Common Sense, it'll be easy compared to 410/411. Microsoft Exam Common Sense being... they always push the new standards in their exams. i.e. Blah blah blah what would you use? VHD, VHDX, regular drive, USB thumb drive. (not really a good example, but you get the idea).
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    I plan to take this exam soon, did the study guide shed much light on the Powershell knowledge needed for this exam?

    The Study Guide doesn't go into depth with Powershell knowledge but if you have a working knowledge of Powershell the commands aren't really too difficult to figure out if you know the syntax and the basics of how to use Powershell. I took this exam a few months ago to complete my MCSA and took it after the 410 and 411. I actually found it to be a little more difficult than most people were saying but I only used 5 weeks to study for it compared to the 11 or 12 I had for the 410 and 411 exams. Plus I hadn't worked at all with SCCM, SCVMM, or failover clustering but did have a good amount of knowledge of Hyper-V. A lot of the Hyper-V knowledge is covered in the 410 objectives that is covered on the 409 so there's some overlap there. One of the best resources I found was the Microsoft Virtual Academy on Virtualization and System Center. It really shed a lot of light on things for me and covers all of the exam objectives. Make sure you are familiar with failover clustering for sure. I didn’t look too much into SCCM other than what was covered in the MVA videos and the study guide and consequently that was the area of the test I had the most trouble with although I did pass. I hope that helps. Good luck!
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