Passed SY0-401 Today!!

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Passed my Comptia Security+ today with a 806, having completed my A+, Net+ and 4 other Microsoft certs making me MCP and MTA in the process.

i would have to say that the Security + seemed a bit easier than the Network +, and maybe because i had more time to prepare for it, where the A+ i passed without needing to study due to my IT Background and Network + took me 1 month of studying before passing that and security + i took a month and half to make sure i knew the material and applied it correctly and finally passed this morning. I've been a long time lurker of the forum and its given me some pretty helpful tips

tools i used to pass were
2. Security+ app for iphone, to study while on the go
3. professor messer
4. helps alot to get feed back on certain questions

now on to studying for the next cert that will keep my skills fresh


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    Congratss!! Whats next??
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    Well Next on the List is the CCNA certification. which i should of taken long ago, but let a voucher expire due to other work activities that had me occupied. i will take a month or 2 to prep for this one. it should be a refresher review since i've taken the course for it 3 years ago. but then again, alot has changed since then in gotta love technology
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    Congrats !
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