MCSA 2000 or 2003

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Hi guys im in a dilema,
Well i cant decide if i want to go and do the mcsa 2000 and take the 70-215,70-218 then become certified then take the 292 when im ready and
upgrade the cert to 2003. or just go with the 2003 and take the 70-290,70-291 im seriously confused i want to take the easiest one. what would u recommend as the easiest path to acheive the mcsa. From what i hear the newest one is harder than the older certs icon_cool.gif

Cheers gama


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    If you are starting with Microsoft, i.o.w. if you don't have experience with administering Windows 2000 servers/networks, 'and' there's not a direct opportunity to get a job position for which you need to 2000, I recommend going for 2003. But if you do have a lot of experience with 2000, you might as well go for that one first, but keep in mind that the upgrade exam is even harder than the individual 2003 exams.
  • l33tgamal33tgama Member Posts: 28 ■■■□□□□□□□
    ah right ok i think i will go with the 2000 exams that way i can refresh my knowledege on 2000, then after that i can just study in my own spare time for the 292 icon_wink.gif
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    l33tgama wrote:
    then after that i can just study in my own spare time for the 292 icon_wink.gif
    and the 70-296, the other required upgrade exam for MCSE's on Windows 2000.
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    I have far more experience with Win2K so I also will go for the MCSA/MCSE 2000 then upgrade. Besides where I work we have only one 2003 server but we have several 2000 servers and have no intentions of upgrading anytime soon.
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    yeah i think i have decided im going to go with the mcsa 2000, then upgrade to 2003 when it becomes more popular around smaller companies, it will also get me 2 mcsa's "2000"/"2003" cert's so i can have 2 certs instead of one. thanks guy's i will let u know how i get on on my route to mcsa 2000/2003. :P icon_cool.gif
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    Thats the route i'm taking since I have more 2000 experience. Every little bit helps. Several companies want the dual certs, especially when there will be a migration to 2003.
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