CISSP : answering some simple questions "wrong" when you know the answer

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So during my practice tests, what I am learning that I am overlooking some information or in a hurry clicking the wrong answer.
These are simple questions like what type of fire Extinguisher to use. I know the answers but still click the incorrect answer.

Any suggestions as how to fix it.


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    Clicking the correct answer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm half-joking, but seriously, it's about attention to detail. Take your time and make sure you read the whole question, read ALL the answers, and only at the very end select what you actually intend to answer. Shorcutting the process is your enemy.
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    Still looking for some great book or article that really explains how to write tests and thus test taking easier. Always read the entire question before moving on to the answers. Look for operators like: AND, OR, NOT, etc. These operators change the entire emphasis of the question on a fundamental level. Often times lessons we learned as children can be quite useful with questions like these, e.g. "One of these things is NOT like the other..." Play that as your going through a NOT question. It helps. Really!

    Along the same lines usually you can eliminate at least one obviously wrong answer by identifying the one answer that a.) Makes no sense at all; b.) Has nothing to do with the question, itself; c.) Has nothing to do with the other three answers that look eerily similar. 'C' forces us to run another iteration of the above eliminating the next close or 'almost right' answer leaving us with just two possible answers.

    Your last two possible answers generally rely on changing one element or operator to the opposite meaning. These are tough but practice makes perfect and you need to practice taking tests in order to become good at taking even more tests - particularly non-academic certifications.

    This is a long blog post in the making but think about the types of questions you either know or think your getting wrong and the board will come up with many other pointers.

    Now, that stupid song is stuck in my head. Its time to turn on some late afternoon Pandora at work.

    Release the grammar technicians to complain! You know who you are!

    - b/eads
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