It is worth go to USA

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HI I'm pentester form Europe.I have 2 years experience and oscp.
I'm thinking about going to USA with h1b .
What you think about it ,how much money I can earn in USA?
Europe is better than USA for pentester ?


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    Just a quick google search away: Penetration Tester Salary

    One thing to bear in mind: Getting an h1b is not easy. We limit the number of them that come in a year and it's a lottery system. There are also certain educational requirements you must meet. You might want to check with an agency to see if you qualify first.
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    Highly personal question. You have to decide who and what are you leaving behind. Consider financial aspect of moving as well. Moving here isn't cheap either.
    Also, expect to be short changed come salary time. Just because you are on such-and-such visa.
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    I want level up my skills but I see in my country it will be hard in pentesting and programming.
    I don't know how it will look like in others countries in EU and I'm thinking about USA because I'm hiring that's the best country for pentester and programmer with many job offerts and high salry for experienced person.
    I'm from Poland
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    The U.S. offers a lot of opportunities to in every field. If you think coming to the U.S. can help in your career, only then decide. Making money is different thing.
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    Which EU countries have you looked into so far? Unless your heart is set on the US, I think you should focus on Western Europe. There are plenty of security roles in NL, but I must admit I haven't searched for pen testing roles specifically.
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    Is it worth it to come to the US? I wish I could move out of the US, wife would never go for that though.
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    why you don't like USA this is huge market for many jobs and salaries are high I hear about it.
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    It mostly depends upon your choice,do a lot of research and weigh your options carefully.
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