Passed SYS401 & questions about next moves.

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Hello, it is my first time posting on this forum, but I did use resources from this forum when studying for Security+.

So first thing first, in case anyone was interested, I got my certificate on Sept. 11, 2016 with 806/900. [Do not discuss your exam with our members]. I am currently a 3rd year university student, trying to major in Computer Security, and I have no IT background whatsoever so this certificate was my first milestone. I studied around 3~4 hours a day for 4 weeks and studied off of various resources.

My question is what certificate should I be aiming for now? I know Network+ is an option but some told me that taking the Network+ will not grant me any CE Credits? Also, I do know there are multiple certifications with different brands (ie. Cisco), so what would be a good next step?

If anyone has any questions about SYS401, I would be happy to answer but I'm sure there are enough experts on this forum that will be more helpful haha.

Thank you!


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    What are you currently studying and where in IT do you want to work? Probably helpful to know that first before suggesting the next cert.

    What are the types of PBQ questions you get in these exams?
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    You probably want to aim to get your CASP if you're choosing to stay the COMPTIA route. Ofcourse CISSP is another option, but CASP from what I am hearing is a more straight forward type of test, unlike Sec+, lol. If you have any pointers for someone trying to test here soon shoot me a message. Good luck on your future endeavors!
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    Well done!

    As I understand Comptia's certification process, you are correct - Net+ will not count towards renewing your Security+

    CASP is a good next step if you're staying CompTIA, as ultm8mind suggested. SSCP from ISC2 would also be a good intermediate cert to look at next.
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    What helped you to pass? I have taken it twice. The first time I got a 722. The second time I got a 695. I have been using Darill Gibson's book and am passing the questions there. What other materials did you use to pass?
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    So first of all, thank you for your replies. [DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR EXAM SPECIFICS WITH OUR MEMBERS]. I am currently in 3rd year studying Computer Securities. As for specific jobs, I am not entirely sure what I'm looking for.. that's why when the time comes I want to be prepared and that's mainly why I want to build up my knowledge through obtaining certificates. I am leaning towards either CASP or CCENT as of now, and most likely will make a decision soon so I can squeeze minimal studying during school term at least.

    Studying wise, I first went through all the Exam Objectives once using professor Messer's videos, writing all the information down as I went. Doing that helped me understand at least the overall concept of each objective. Then I read Darril Gibson's textbook fully, paying close attention to "Remember This" sections. Lastly, I used Darril Gibson's exam prep package on his website which helped me quite a bit. Those three are the only materials I really used, other than memorizing the acronyms, port numbers, and hash/encryption algorithms.
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    Congrats :)
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    Congrats. CISSP is something to aim for but you will need 5 years experience to become certified after passing the exam.
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    Bravo Zulu!

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