Ccent in 2 weeks. Tips please!

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Just booked ccent exam for 13 days time. I knownmkst of the stuff just need to solidify troubleshooting and nat. Still going through the odom book but completed lammle and cbtnuggets along with skill port e-learning course.

Any tips on ensuring the next 2 weeks are productive as possible? Gonna lab like crazy and go through rest of odom


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    If you have the spare cash I really recommend Boson practice exams. Other than that flash cards were a life saver for me. There aren't many but sometimes Cisco questions can be overly specific and knowing the one word difference between terms is critical.
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    Be able to subnet in your sleep
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    You get 15 minutes before you test, and time while the person is setting up the exam. Write down your subnets, valid host, and block size. Also when you answer a question and hit "next" there is no going back and changing it. I planned to do this and learned the hard way and failed by 3 points. You will find some trick questions just go through everything very methodically and you'll be fine.
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    Subnet, subnet, subnet, and don't forget to be able to subnet.
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  • Welly_59Welly_59 Posts: 431Member
    Subnetting is pretty easy for me. Test is in 2 days. Getting a bit nervous!
  • Welly_59Welly_59 Posts: 431Member
    Any last minute revision/prep tips for me? Exam tomorow!
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    Look at each objective. Are you able to explain each one by talking about it for 5 minutes or more. How well can you break down the fundamental steps of how Switches move frames and Routers move packets?

    You want to get a good nights rest and a good breakfast. Do not go take the test sleepy (brain will have teh dumb)
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    Well I'm out. And I passed with a 906! Much better than I thought I had done.

    Some comments on the testing system first. Its terrible! Low res screens, pop up boxes for iOS prompts. They really need to move to something more modern.

    In regards to the rest content itself there was a bit of stuff in there which I didn't see either on the blueprints or in both of the recognised textbooks. Questions on administrative distance of routing protocols which are not covered in icnd1 for example. Also I had a few questions on voice vlans, portfast and cdp which I can't remember having covered in the textbooks.

    A few weeks ago I posted about my experience with the boson practise tests and the fact they covered content not included in the official topics. Ignore that, I wouldn't have passed without the boson tests and questions they provide which seem irelevant were actually in the exam.

    Now I'm going to spend 2 weeks chilling with the family before getting stuck into the icnd2 and completing the ccna certification!
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    Yeah Boson is the real deal and a great complimentary resource in crunch time.
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    Welly_59 wrote: »

    Now I'm going to spend 2 weeks chilling with the family before getting stuck into the icnd2 and completing the ccna certification!

    Can I ask please; why did you decide to take the two exam route rather the the one exam route? All the advice I've seen so far seems to suggests going the 'one' route, so I'd like to get the perspective from someone like yourself, who went down the 'two' road.

    Congarts on passing and all the best for the next one; well done. icon_thumright.gif
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  • Welly_59Welly_59 Posts: 431Member
    I was advised that the 2 exam route would be easier for a person with less knowledge as it's less subjects covered in each exam. Even though you'll have more questions overall it lessens the risk of forgetting earlier stuff.
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